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Pack 62 – Family Scouting June 1, 2018

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Pack 62 Leadership discussed and voted to approve Pack 62 as a “Family Scouting” Pack.  We are accepting Girls and Boys into our Cub Scout Pack.

We are open to both Girls and Boys ages 5-11 and in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Scouts are grouped by school grade. Girls and Boys have separate Dens and meet as a group for Pack events and activities.

If you have an interested daughter, please email bill@holmlund.biz

What does that mean to our current Scouts. . . Not much.  The Boys will still be in their Dens as if nothing changed.  When we have Girl participation, there will be new Dens that are all girls.  All Cub Scouts will meet as a Pack for both Pack meetings and activities.

What is changing:

There will be additional Dens that are made up of Girls.

There will be at least 1 female adult Leader for each Girl Den, and 2 leaders total.

What remains the same:

We continue to call our youth “Scouts”.

The Dens will meet independently.

The Pack meetings will remain the same.

The program remains the same.

Meetings are for siblings to attend, some activities are restricted to Scouts and parents only.

Please note: There are expected to be some logistical adjustments, but the goal it to keep the program the same for all Cub Scouts.

This year, the 4 Shrewsbury Packs are working together to help make this new adjustment work.  3 of the 4 Packs are changing to “Family Packs”.  The first year, BSA is requiring 4 Girls in a Den.  Therefore, we may need to coordinate which Packs will be hosting Girl Dens while the program develops.  All Cubmasters have agreed to work diligently to accommodate as many Scouts as possible.

We hope more youth and more families can benefit from Scouting!



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