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Pack 62 Rocket Launch 2019 June 13, 2019

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This is one of the most popular events of the year.  Scouts bring their own rocket and engines, the Pack provides the launchers and safety guidance.

When: July 20 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Location: Lake Street Fields, 384 Lake St. Shrewsbury, MA
Uniform: Cub Scout Activity uniform (Class “B” t-shirt), or solid-color T-Shirt
What to Bring: Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Rocket, Engines, Wadding, Parents, and Friends
Who can attend: Scouts, Parents, Siblings, Guests, Open to all Boys and Girls interested in Scouts.

Pack 62 Sponsors a Model Rocket Launch. The Pack will provide the organization, rocket launchers, and safety. Participants will bring their own rocket, engines and wadding. This activity is open to Scouts, Siblings, and Guests. This is also a great event to invite a friend interested in Scouting with Pack 62.

Event Notes:
Pack 62 Leadership will inspect all rockets and only allow those deemed “Safe” to launch.
Be prepared to lose your rocket. Some rockets will be damaged in launching and some will end up in trees or be blown beyond our ability to recover. This uncertainty is part of the fun. (Please set the expectation for your Scout, our record is losing a rocket in the first launch.)

The Rockets:
http://www.estesrockets.com Since 1960 Scouts have been safely launching solid propellant model rockets. Estes is the founding company, but there are many others that can be used.

The ROCKET equipment:
Launcher – Pack 62 provides – This is a device that launches the rocket with an electrical charge.
The Rocket – Participant brings – This is the unit being launched
Wadding – Participant brings – This is a fire-retardant paper that goes into the rocket and helps prevent the parachute from melting upon activation.
The Engine – Participant brings – This is the solid propellant unit the is ignited by an electric charge that launches the rocket. PLEASE NOTE: these are real explosive devices. They are stable, but NOT toys.
Engine Size – The engines are available in different physical sizes, “standard” is the most popular. They also come in different power. The box will give a range for the height the rocket will fly with each power rocket.
Rocket Size – The smaller the rocket, the higher it will fly and the easier it is to lose. Rockets that take “standard size” engines are best for this event.
Rockets come 3 basic models:
RTF – Ready to Fly – These rockets will fly with little effort. Great for those new to the fun.
ARF – Almost Ready to Fly – These rockets will need some assembly and can be customized. These need some time to complete before the event.
E2X – “Easy” to assemble – These rockets are for the more experienced or crafty Scout. The fins will need to be glued in the correct alignment to allow the rocket to launch at our event.


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