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Pack Contact information

Email: pack62shrewsbury@yahoo.com

Pack Leadership

Committee Co-Chairs: Jim Murray / Sonja Sax

Cubmaster: Bill Holmlund

Treasurer: Jamey Blakely

Assistant Cubmaster: Brian Edwardsen

Assistant Cubmaster: Chris Marques

Advancement Chair: Kathlyn & Jim Bukow

Fund Raising Chair: Jen Kerr

        Hospitality Chair: Sonja Sax

Lions (Kindergardeners)

Den 1 Leader: TBD

Tigers (1st Graders)

Den 6 Den Leader: TBD

Wolves (2nd Graders)

Den 4 Den Leader: Robert Parry-Cruwys

Bears (3rd Graders)

Den 2 Den Leader: Steven Goh

Den 2 Assistant Den Leader:  Jeff Axline

Den 2 Assistant Den Leader:  Walter Dow

Den 2 Den Chief:  TBD – Troop 1004

Webelos (4th Graders)

Den 9 Den Leader: John Stoessel

Den 9 Den Chief:  Carter M. – Troop 114

Den 10 Den Leader: Patricio Silva

Den 10 Den Chief:  Noah J. – Troop 1004

Arrows of Light (5th Graders)

Den 5 Den Leader: Chris Marques

Den 5 Den Chief:  TBD



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