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4…3…2…1…Launch – The Pack 62 Rocket Launch Event is almost here! July 12, 2018

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When: July 21 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Location: Lake Street Fields, 384 Lake St. Shrewsbury, MA

Uniform: Cub Scout Activity uniform (Class “B”), or dark solid-color T-Shirt

What to Bring: Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Rocket, Engines, Wadding, Parents, and Friends

Who can attend: Scouts, Parents, Siblings, Guests, Open to all Boys and Girls interested in Scouts.

Pack 62 Sponsors a Model Rocket Launch. The Pack will provide the organization, rocket launchers, and safety. Participants will bring their own rocket, engines and wadding. This activity is open to Scouts, Siblings, and Guests. This is also a great event to invite a friend interested in Scouting with Pack 62.

Event Notes:
Pack 62 Leadership will inspect all rockets and only allow those deemed “Safe” to launch.
Be prepared to lose your rocket. Some rockets will be damaged in launching and some will end up in trees or be blown beyond our ability to recover. This uncertainty is part of the fun. (Please set the expectation for your Scout, our record is losing a rocket in the first launch.)

The Rockets:
http://www.estesrockets.com Since 1960 Scouts have been safely launching solid propellant model rockets. Estes is the founding company, but there are many others that can be used.

The ROCKET equipment:
Launcher – Pack 62 provides – This is a device that launches the rocket with an electrical charge.
The Rocket – Participant brings – This is the unit being launched
Wadding – Participant brings – This is a fire-retardant paper that goes into the rocket and helps prevent the parachute from melting upon activation.
The Engine – Participant brings – This is the solid propellant unit the is ignited by an electric charge that launches the rocket. PLEASE NOTE: these are real explosive devices. They are stable, but NOT toys.
Engine Size – The engines are available in different physical sizes, “standard” is the most popular. They also come in different power. The box will give a range for the height the rocket will fly with each power rocket.
Rocket Size – The smaller the rocket, the higher it will fly and the easier it is to lose. Rockets that take “standard size” engines are best for this event.
Rockets come 3 basic models:
RTF – Ready to Fly – These rockets will fly with little effort. Great for those new to the fun.
ARF – Almost Ready to Fly – These rockets will need some assembly and can be customized. These need some time to complete before the event.
E2X – “Easy” to assemble – These rockets are for the more experienced or crafty Scout. The fins will need to be glued in the correct alignment to allow the rocket to launch at our event.


Pack Fishing Derby @ Jordan Pond June 9th June 12, 2018

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We had another successful Fishing Derby at Jordan Pond.  The weather was perfect for the event!  There were about 20 Scouts fishing including 1 visiting Lion, and no one caught another Scout!  The largest fish was a Bluegill at 9.5 inches.

Thank you to Cub Master Edwardsen for organizing the event and all the Awesome Fishing Prizes.

We all look forward to our next event . . . Rocket Launch!  July 21st 9 am @ Lake St Fields.


Pack 62 Family Picnic June 12, 2018

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Pack 62 Family Picnic Saturday June 2nd @ Dean Park North Pavilion.  The picnic was well attended by families and a few guests.  We had a great time playing: Washers, Kick-ball, Dragons-tail.  Thank you to William Zhao of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Hingham for the frozen yogurt cake.

2018 Pack 62 CakeIMG_3002

2018 Summer Schedule June 1, 2018

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Our Pack 62 Summer Schedule is confirmed.

June 2nd – Pack Picnic – NEW LOCATION: North Pavilion – Saturday 12:00 – 2:30 Dean Park – OPEN TO GUESTS
June 9th – Fishing Derby – 8:00-10:00 – Jordan Pond – OPEN TO GUESTS
July 21st – ROCKET LAUNCH – 9:00 Lake St Fields. – OPEN TO GUESTS
August 12th – Cub Scout Day @ Dean Park – 4 Shrewsbury Packs having Fun together
– RECRUITING EVENT – OPEN TO GUESTS – Each Pack will be hosting Cub Scout Games & Activities

Please notify the Pack Leaders if you know guests are attending events.

Next Seasons Events:

September: Recruiting Round-up Night, 1st Pack Meeting, Sprit of Shrewsbury Parade
October: Pack meeting – Camping Theme
October Overnight: Pack Camping at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation – Tents or Bunkroom
November: Themed TBD Pack Meeting
December: Pine Wood Derby – FUN DAY – Open racing for your favorite car, extra cars will be available.
January: Pine Wood Derby
February: Blue & Gold Banquet – AOL Crossover
March: Bear Den Host: Carnival
Overnight: Site TBD – Boston MOS or NE Air Museum
April: Outdoor Map & Compass, Games @ Dean Park
May: Crossover Campfire Ceremony

Pack 62 – Family Scouting June 1, 2018

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Pack 62 Leadership discussed and voted to approve Pack 62 as a “Family Scouting” Pack.  We are accepting Girls and Boys into our Cub Scout Pack.

We are open to both Girls and Boys ages 5-11 and in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Scouts are grouped by school grade. Girls and Boys have separate Dens and meet as a group for Pack events and activities.

If you have an interested daughter, please email bill@holmlund.biz

What does that mean to our current Scouts. . . Not much.  The Boys will still be in their Dens as if nothing changed.  When we have Girl participation, there will be new Dens that are all girls.  All Cub Scouts will meet as a Pack for both Pack meetings and activities.

What is changing:

There will be additional Dens that are made up of Girls.

There will be at least 1 female adult Leader for each Girl Den, and 2 leaders total.

What remains the same:

We continue to call our youth “Scouts”.

The Dens will meet independently.

The Pack meetings will remain the same.

The program remains the same.

Meetings are for siblings to attend, some activities are restricted to Scouts and parents only.

Please note: There are expected to be some logistical adjustments, but the goal it to keep the program the same for all Cub Scouts.

This year, the 4 Shrewsbury Packs are working together to help make this new adjustment work.  3 of the 4 Packs are changing to “Family Packs”.  The first year, BSA is requiring 4 Girls in a Den.  Therefore, we may need to coordinate which Packs will be hosting Girl Dens while the program develops.  All Cubmasters have agreed to work diligently to accommodate as many Scouts as possible.

We hope more youth and more families can benefit from Scouting!

Pack 62 Honors those who gave all. June 1, 2018

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Pack 62 Marches in the Shrewsbury Memorial Day Parade to Honor those who gave their lives for our Country.  Thank you to the Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation department for all they do in helping execute this event.  Members if our Sponsoring organization American Legion – Ray Stone Post 238 hosted and planned much of the ceremony.   After the Parade, some of us went back to the Post for a Veterans BBQ and Picnic.

Pack Overnight @ Old Sturbridge Village June 1, 2018

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Overnight at Old Sturbridge Village – The Scouts were able to relate to living in the 1830s.  They had private tours of OSV into the evening.  They even went to school at night.  What was the favorite part? . . . The cookies they made and cooked over the open fire, then ate for a snack.  The next day, many of us spent the day at OSV.

2018 Pinewood Derby June 1, 2018

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Great participation in the Pinewood derby this year.  Thank you to the Boy Scouts of Troops 114 and 1004 for helping make the derby run smoothly.  These cars were going over 220 mph down the track!!  

Pack Overnight @ TSVR October 2017 June 1, 2018

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We had a great time on our Pack Campout at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.  We used Al-Foil ovens and Dutch Ovens and ate great.  The Campfire in the Dark was the best!  There were more people sleeping outside in tents in October than sleeping inside in the bunkhouse.

Pack 62 Campout Menu

Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade June 1, 2018

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Pack 62 Marching in the 2017 Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade